Creating beloved community in the Capital city.


Common Good Community Development exists to connect people, cultivate environments where improbable friendships flourish and create community transformation one relationship at a time. Through programs like Hope Food Pantry and FreeStore Austin, CGCD provides basic services like food and clothing with an emphasis on hospitality, dignity and relationship.


Common Good Community Development envisions beloved community in the Capital city. We recognize that Austin is currently one of the most socioeconomically segregated cities in the country and believe that we play a crucial role in the vitality of our community by providing opportunities for people to serve together and care for one another across these boundaries.

We are an independent, faith-based nonprofit born out of a desire for the United Methodist Churches in the Austin area to connect with each other and to connect with our community. We believe that human beings are designed to live in relationship, that every person both needs and needs to give, and that we love God by loving our neighbors.


Alleviating Hunger through Direct Action

Since 2000, HOPE volunteers have been offering free groceries to Austin families experiencing food insecurity.

Our shoppers are diverse in age and circumstance. We serve older adults, single parents, differently-abled people, families experiencing homelessness, and adults who are unemployed or underemployed.

For this reason, we understand that people have different circumstances. We distribute food in a grocery store style that maximizes the opportunity for people to choose items suited to their particular needs and the needs of their families.


Building Community Across Our Community

When our shop is open, all are welcome.  Members are enrolled and, based on family size, can shop for free clothing and household items. These “shop-ortunities” empower by giving the freedom to choose. Our model also encourages members to participate by either donating items back to the FreeStore or by volunteering in one of the many roles needed to extend the FreeStore experience to the whole community.

We also welcome volunteers from local churches, businesses and schools. It's our mission not just to give stuff away but to recognize that all people have gifts and needs and Austin is enriched by the improbable kinship that develops when people of all walks of life talk and work and laugh together.




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